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10 Reason Why You Need A Good SEO Strategy

Tuesday, January 28, 2020Andrew Johnson0

There are numerous reasons why having a good SEO strategy will help rocket you to the top of search engine results. All of these will affect your overall ability to use one of the most powerful tools to attract new customers. Considering that around 90% of all search traffic goes to the listings that are ranking on the first page of search, and around 35% goes to the top organic (non-paid links) on the page. Capturing the first page and the top links for your customer’s searches for the keyword phrases will benefit your business definitely gives a much higher opportunity for success and a higher return on your investment. Below are the 10 reasons your business should be taking advantage of a professional SEO strategy to capture these top positions.

1. Better Google 3 Pack (Map) Placement

Googles 3 pack is the area of the page right under the paid ads section at the top of the page when you do a search. Having a good SEO strategy in place can help you capture one of these coveted three listings and really will help your business shine. For local businesses looking to gain exposure, this is a great spot to be for people looking to promote their local products and services. It gives potential customers your business name, rating, hours, phone number, and buttons for directions, and your website right from the front page of their google search. Using a good SEO strategy will greatly assist in making sure you receive exposure in this area of search engine results.
Below is an image of what the Google 3 pack looks like for Grand Rapids Plumbers

2. Better Local Exposure

Roughly 46% of all searches are done for something locally and there has been an increase in usage of the phrases of “near me” and “close by” within searches by 900% in the past two years according to Hubspot. If those customers are searching from a mobile device then the numbers get even higher with local searches making up over 80% being with local intent in mind. That means if you’re trying to increase local awareness having a good SEO strategy that targets this type of local exposure.

3. What Keywords Work Best

A good SEO strategy will take a close look at what keyword phrases people are using to find businesses within your industry. After all, no matter how nice your website is, if it’s packed full of keywords that no one is searching for then no one will find it. Taking the time to look into what phrases will attract the most traffic while being the easiest for your business to obtain optimal rankings is one of the major factors in a good SEO plan and strategy. Once this is established it is much easier to produce and craft quality content that will take full advantage of these particular keyword structures. This isn’t something to just guess at either. Utilizing a professional who can look at what will work best can mean the difference between 30 searches a month and 3000. On top of this, they can look at search difficulty which is a score that is given which will let them know the difficulty of ranking for a particular phrase.

4. Great Copy Is Important

We all know someone who is a great writer and you may think it’s a good idea for either you, someone within your business to write the content for your website. After all, you know your business better than anyone. However, working with a digital marketing agency may offer far better results. They often either have in house content writers or contract with writers who have experience in writing content with a specific focus of search engines in mind. They can analyze the keywords, look at your competition, and other industry content and craft the writing around both your business and the search strategy that is designed to best highlight your business to customers as well as search engines.

5. Is Your Website Optimized

Making sure your website is performing optimally is another area that is often overlooked, but it plays an important role in search engine optimization. Making sure your website loads quickly, that it’s secure, images have the proper alt tags (words that identify the image and are search-friendly) and are small in size without sacrificing quality. These are just a few of the areas a professional agency can review before and after launch. Any broken links, slow-loading pages, and content that is cumbersome can cause your page to lose rankings.

6. Building Better Links To Your Website

One of the ways that search engines determine the popularity, quality, and credibility of a website is by the number of quality links that a website has linking back to it. These shouldn’t be just any links either and link building is definitely an area that attention to the details should be taken into account. This is an area that may take some professional help and is definitely a good reason to have a good marketing and SEO plan in place. Experts are able to determine the proper directories, listings, blogs, and other critical websites you will need to be linked with to help deliver better ranking results.

7. Is Your Information Accurate

It’s not just important to have your business listed in directories. You also need to make sure the information is being accurately entered. The business name, address, phone number listed in the citations for these directories should match with other places that you are listing your business presence online. Having a plan in place to make sure that the information is not only entered accurately but also maintained for the same accuracy so that corrections can be made if information becomes inaccurate over time.

8. Building A Strong And Active Social Media Following

Seven out of the ten top things that search engines look for when ranking your website can be found in an effective social media marketing plan. Being active and engaging your customers on social media platforms should be included in any good SEO strategy. Not only does it give you exposure, but it gives you ways to attract, engage, drive traffic to your website. Allowing search engines to see that your business has something that consumers are interested in.

9. Do Have A Good Strategy For Video

Video is becoming more and more popular by both businesses and consumers. Being able to rank your videos can add an amazing level of credibility to your search engine optimization efforts. As a matter of fact, the two most widely used search engines, Google and Youtube are owned by the same company and Google looks favorably on videos that are ranking well on their sister company YouTube. A good digital marketing service will definitely help discuss if a video creation and marketing service is a good approach for your business to consider.

10. Understanding It Can Be Complex

Not only can good SEO take time, but it can be complex with many different layers to try and keep track of. Making sure that you have a plan in place that will allow you to know when certain portions of the strategy are being implemented and being able to track their completion and effectiveness is important. Even if you choose to go it alone, it can be a worthwhile investment to have a professional craft a plan and strategy for you to follow. Having this plan or a person or agency to consult with when you hit some bumps in the road can be a valued resource to have.

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