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Video Marketing

Why Online Video Is Important For Your Business?

Online videos will again be growing in importance in 2020; as viewing, marketing and production spending, and creation will increase as more and more people are turning to video as their platform of choice to connect with current and potential customers. Even online heavyweight Mark Zuckerburg believes video is a critical part of our future, and other Facebook another executive has predicted the platform will be primarily video within the next several years.

This isn’t hard to see as a possibility when 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online video than tradition television. If things stay the same as they have in the past mobile video consumption will again increase by 100% as more and more people change their viewing habits and the devices they are using to consume video. Within the next 3 years, it’s projected that online video will make up over 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Do You Need Online Video?

The quick answer is a clear and definitive YES! This holds true no matter your size. Where you are an individual doing so consulting, the local mom and pop, or a multinational corporation. Video will play an important role today and will play an even more vital role moving forward into the future for your business, and here’s why. In short, PEOPLE LOVE THEM! To explain it better you need to understand to of the most important processes in any business. These are the need to attract new visitors, and then conversion, where you change them into buyers. Video can dramatically increase the results of these two steps within your business process. Too have a better understanding of the impact video can have we will take a look at both of these. First, let’s take a look at attraction. Think for a moment about how you like to interact when you come to a website or find content on a social media profile. There may be tons of text and images that explain who you are or what products or services you are promoting. These are good, but often this type of content will only capture someone’s attention for a short period of time before they get distracted and want to move on to something else. Including video on the other hand, can help recapture their focus and help them consume a much larger amount of content in a shorter period of time. Some studies have shown that a video can be processed by our brains much faster. As a matter of fact, it can be processed up to 60,000 times faster than by reading simple text content. So including online video content can be a sure-fire way to increase the attraction of your website and social media visitors. Not only is the content consumed and view more, but you are also nearly 40 percent more likely to have your visitors share your content when it is delivered in an online video format. This is a great, cost-effective way to spread your message and reach a whole new audience than you may have to opportunity to reach through other means. This, in turn, can affect your search engine rankings as search engines will see the increased traffic, and activity and give you more attention because of the increased popularity. Hopefully, you can see and understand now why video can be one of the most attractive ways to gain new followers, followers you can now convert into customers. Which brings us to conversions. Online videos have a high conversion rate. With about 70% of marketers stating that videos convert better than any other content type. Why is this you ask? Well, video gives your leads and prospective customers an opportunity to actually see and gain a better understanding of the products and services you are promoting. It helps them understand your business better and allows you to build trust in a more appealing way. Not to mention that video allows you to stand out from your competition. It builds a more reputable and trustworthy brand name and can even help you to be seen as more of an authority and expert in your industry. These are just some of the reasons you will see us using video throughout our website and social content.  

So, contact us today! We can help suggest the best video strategy that fits your personalized business needs and we can produce it for you from beginning to end.

81% Of Businesses

use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year.

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